Pond is a new protocol that aims to standardize Atom+RSS syncing across the web. It's also a self-hosted alternative to the backend part of Google Reader, written in Go.

This is an unfortunate name collision with Imperial Violet's excellent Pond crypto project. I'm planning on changing the name soon, and a heavy refactor is in progress.

Untitled Vampire Text Adventure Game

Well, what can I say... It's a text adventure game. It's about vampires. It's gonna be awesome.


DEVHR.MX is the biggest, most important video games industry event in Mexico.



A toy interpreted language with some type safety and completely broken strings.

The story behind this one is kinda funny (read the project's README), but the gist is that I don't know anything about compilers, but decided to do it anyway.

Weddar 1.x & 2.0

Weddar is a crowd-sourced weather reporting service for iOS and Android.

I left the project before 2.0 saw its release.


Bonfire is an unreleased Windows Phone Tent client.

Rabid Videogames

An independent Mexican videogame studio.



An amazing project by the amazing Jacob Cook. Its goal is to help people all over the world, of all technical levels, become the masters of their data, and to become independent from the Internet megacorps.

With it, you can host your own server in your living room in unexpensive hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi.